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Join.. [5/15/06 at 1 am]
please join glamorousslifee a brand new community! we have a short application, honest members, auto accept spots, weekly themes && much much more!!!
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New live journal [1/30/06 at 9 pm]
amusinglyaleks  add me bitches
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Merry Serbian Christmas [1/7/06 at 12 pm]
Hristos se rodi. Vaistina se rodi.
To all of you who do not know today is the day that people of Serbian Orthodox faith celebrate christmas. So to all my fellow serbs Sretan Bozic! Volim te.
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monday night pains... [1/4/06 at 1 am]
[ mood | relieved ]

well last night my mom called 911 for me but when they came they said there was no need for me to ride in the ambulence but my mom could follow them but we just decided to stay home cuz whatever i had that made me fall over and feel on the verge of death was lessening but later in the middle of the night it came back so i was rushed to the emergency room to have test taken i got my blood and urine tested and i guess it all seemed normal...they were going to do a catscan but i guess they thought it uneccesary im just going to have to go to the doctor to see what to do...i really dont know what's wrong with me just i never want to feel that kind of pain again. Well other then that the week has been ok i finally bought my books for my second semester of college and man im excited! and i also bought theeee cutest outfit for serbian newyears i cant wait! thats all yall

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New years [1/1/06 at 6 pm]

Tis a new year and a new begginning last night was an evening to mend broken things and just let go. I cant wait to see what 2006 has in store. I love my friends and I love my life.

Peace in '06


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Remembrance [12/8/05 at 5 am]
[ mood | cynical ]

The end of the year is wrapping up so this is an opprotunity to reflect on the memories from each month...

January: New years party

Febuary: Baja concert, varsity track

March: Tons of moravala parties, got my car, aca lukas

April: first date

May: prom, Dzej, easter

June: Went to Serbia, got surgery, tetkas wedding, graduation party

July: spent most of the time in serbia, found out my parents were getting divorced

August: my birthday, start college

Septemember: Jackson/ Sacramento

October: halloween, found out I was moving, got my first job

Novemeber: Vegas, Pheonix

December: Moved out, last semester of college ..

I look back on this year and think what have I accomplished? and well the answer is nothing, i just survived it  , I think next year is going to be alot better for me...


my new years resolution: not to give into the bad things, to succeed in school, to live life to its fullest, to make as many friends as i can, to not let those who dont like me bring me down, laugh alot, join ballroom, salsa, or bellydancing classes..heck why not all of them, to bring those who were good to me when i needed them closer,learn french,  to stop pushing people away when i know i need them, to get a better job, lose 10 Lbs, party alot, take guitar lessons, learn from my mistakes, show people the real me which only about 5 ppl have seen and not be afraid, read alot, and lastly be as happy as possible.



 I love Christmas, the smell of it, the feeling you get, the eggnogg, the lights, the tree, sitting by the fire place, the presents, the cold weather, giving, wearing scarves and mittens, the parties, the colors, i love everything about it and its only 17 days away!!


Well today i took my english final and it was an essay on ipods haha I think i did well on it, and then i went to the gym for 2 hours and burned alotta calories im thinking ill go twice a day during xmas break and get heck in shape..



Pics from the past year :*( the memoriesCollapse )

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[10/9/05 at 1 am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Lovey dovey [10/7/05 at 11 pm]
Well Wednesday was Acos bday so i took him to the roadhouse for dinner and had them sing happy bday and when they do they stick toilet seat covers on the ppls heads lol that was pretty entertaining and for his bday i bought him speakers and a sound system for his car cuz his old ones broke he seemed to like it....and today i started working on the floor at bath and body works its kinda fun working there cuz the ppl i work with are soo much fun and i always smell like a fruit basket after work which is good and then i got a suprise visit <3 so now im here about to go to bed and trying to convince myself to go to the gym cuz im hecka out of shape!!...thank god its friday wooo
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And the night drags on... [9/20/05 at 11 pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

well Im supposed to be doing my religious studies paper but instead im make my life harder by procrastinating even more by updating my livejournal....oo new news were moving my mom sisters and I are probably going to live in the shadowridge area or somewhere else because my dad decided to keep the house..im half excited half sad cuz this is the house i grew up in so many memories and so many firsts....but the upside is...im getting a pool woooooo...vegas is in november along with Pheonix im looking forward to it, just to do something fun, which latley hasnt been happening too much...I found out that one of my greatest friends I havent talked to in months is going to my school yay Amber so i called her and wow i forgot how awsome she is.....and my love life...im putting that off until...forever...ok maybe not that long but until im on a steady path(or find a guy?haha)....ok im frusturating myself so im done later all

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Serbia [8/25/05 at 12 pm]

My beautiful family and friends in my beautiful country

 pics from serbia


the uncles

Milica (cousin)


family gatherings <3

Milica and Jovana moje ubave sestrice

Marko <3







Marija (friend)

morava river

Ujna jelica and her brother

My deda (grandpa)

Ujna and Jovan

My Baba (grandma) and Ujka Zika (uncle)

Milica and her dad

Go mama lol


Arent they purrdddy

The two strongest women i know



Mama, baka ljubinka, and my baba

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